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E8 Automobile Flow Speed Measuring Electronic Dog

E8 Automobile Flow Speed Measuring Electronic Dog

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Product information:

Product model: E8
Product language: Chinese/English/Russian
Product color: iron gray
Product category to: flow radar velocimeter
Operating voltage: 12V
Single package size: 145mmx55mmx80mm
Material: ABS

Full band radar detection frequency:
X band 10.525GHzᄆ100
K-band 24.125GHzᄆ175MHz
Ku-BAND 13.450GHzᄆ125MHz
Ka-BAND 34.700GHzᄆ1300MHz
Laser speed: 904 million ᄆ 33MHz
Anti-reverse detection VG2: 11.150ᄆMHz

Packing list:

Velocimeter+car charge/anti-skid pad/manual/packaging box

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